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Women of Influence

CRUKVanessa sits on the board Cancer Research UK’s Women of Influence. Women of Influence brings together a unique network of top business women to mentor the charity’s most promising young female scientists and clinicians as they move up the career ladder into senior positions. The network is also fundraising to support the scientists’ life-saving cancer research. The Women of Influence board explore all avenues in our efforts to raise further funds to support the work of our female Fellows. Our target is £1 million, and we have two years to meet it – though we’d love to beat that both in time and money!

Moreover, while Women of Influence work towards the goal of gender balance in our respective professions, we need to encourage younger women to consider the richly rewarding work that awaits them in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) sector. The Women of Influence will also mentor Fellows as they navigate their own career paths, encouraging and supporting them into ever more senior roles in cancer research. We hope that the skills we use every day in the business world will complement their scientific expertise to help them continue their important work and increase their contributions to science. Visit their website


Vanessa is a long term supporter of Refuge whereby proceeds of WeAreTheCity events are donated to this charity.  Refuge opened the world’s first women’s refuge in 1971 in Chiswick, London. It was a time when no-one talked about domestic violence, when what went on behind closed doors in every street was considered private, no-one’s business.  Women and children flocked to that safe house in West London. For the first time, someone was saying it was wrong to beat your partner. What had gone on for centuries behind closed doors was at last being challenged.  Refuge has led the campaign to end domestic violence ever since.   Visit their website

Little Havens

Little Havens provide specialist care for babies, children and teenagers, up to the age of 19 from across Essex, who have a life-limiting or life threatening illness.They offer short respite breaks, emergency stays to control a child’s symptoms caused by their illness or medication; and care for children at the end of their lives – for as long as is needed – within the home and at our hospice.  They also look after the whole family too such as one-to-one support, post bereavement care and emotional and educational support for siblings..  Visit their website


Vanessa completed the Gherkin Challenge for NSPCC and hopes to be doing more to support the charity in the new future. The NSPCC was founded in 1884 and our vision is still to end cruelty to children in the UK.  The NSPCC’s vision is to end cruelty to children in the UK. We campaign to change the law, provide ChildLine and the NSPCC Helpline, offer advice for adults, and much more. For more details about NSPCC. Visit their website

Wellbeing of Women

Wellbeing of Women was established in 1964 and has been raising funds ever since then to invest in medical research and the development of specialist doctors and nurses working in the field of reproductive and gynaecological health.  WOW are the partner charity of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities.  To find out more, visit their website

Forever Angels Baby Home

Forever Angels Baby Home is the realisation of a dream Amy Hathaway had as a young child after watching images of the Ethiopian Famine on the News back in 1985. She remembers stating quite adamantly to her parents, even at the young age of 6 or 7, that she wanted to help babies in Africa when she grows up… and Forever Angels is her dream come true.
Forever Angels opened its doors in August 2006, and since then has cared for over 120 babies, managing to reunite or find families for over 55 children, and having approximately 50 children aged 0 to 5 years in care at any time.  Visit their website

The Angelus Foundation

The Angelus Foundation is the brain child of Maryon Stewart, founder of the Natural Health Advisory Service and a regular contributor to natural health programmes on radio and TV. Maryon has attracted a group of world class experts, known as the Angelus Advisory Group, who bring together expertise from chemical, medical and social sciences – as well as having expert input from both the areas of enforcement and misuse of social substances.

The aim of the Angelus Foundation is to educate, encourage and assist individuals to be knowledgeable about risks to health and wellbeing of ‘legal highs’ and other harmful social substances, including alcohol, in order that they may be ever more responsible for the choices they make and as a result lead more wholesome and safer lives.  This Charity was set up in memory of Hester Stewart who died aged 21 after taking a legal high drug.  Visit their website

Prostate Cancer UK

Prostate Cancer logo MRM_7Prostate Cancer UK fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. We have three priorities:

  1. Supporting men and providing information
  2. Finding answers by funding research
  3. Leading change to raise awareness and improve care

Our Specialist Nurses have time to talk and answer questions about prostate cancer and prostate problems. We provide free printed and downloadable information. Our online community and one-to-one support service connects men and their families with others who know what they’re going through.

We fund research into tests, treatments and the causes of prostate cancer. Over the years, research in this area has been badly underfunded. We are changing this.

With help from our volunteers, we work with the general public, the government and the NHS to raise awareness and get a better deal for men with prostate cancer. Visit their website

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